Taken at the bottom of the Mooney Falls in Havasupai. What a spectacular place to visit.

early post for all you PRESENT fathers out there….grandfathers, future fathers, step-fathers, dog-owners (yes, them too lol), etc….Happy Father’s Day to you. Remember, whether it’s good example or bad, your children will learn from you. You are an important key into your child’s development. Continue to doing a great job #nurturethenature
–June14, 2014

Did you stay up to watch the Blood Moon? It was pretty spectacular. It’s basically every sunset and every sunrise happening at the same time all over Earth. If you missed it, don’t worry…’s going to happen four times in a row. There will be one in October this year, sometime in Spring of next year and sometime in Fall of next year (2015). –April 15, 2014

I can’t believe my Winston is turning 6 years old this April 20th.
He’s my favorite model. I love my dog. –April 9, 2014


Looking forward to some exciting projects coming up this Spring. Stay tuned! ♥ -March 26, 2014


This was my first attempt to catch this guy in action. Boy, was I lucky! -March 18, 2014